Terms & Conditions


Customer Care

Dan's Print and Design aims to provide excellence in customer client care and satisfaction at all times. The business Dan's Print and Design provides customer service over the telephone during trading hours and provides online customer support through its online live chat facility and via email and via its contact page on this website. Dan's Print and Design has a customer client services policy that can be downloaded or requested with all information relating to customer client care and customer service. In order to ensure customers and clients are happy and satisfied with the print related products purchased Dan's Print and Design will issue a customer client satisfaction survey or questionnaire to be completed this allows Dan's Print and Design the opportunity to assess how the business has met the demands from its customers and clients. Feedback, suggestions and complaints are always welcomed as this helps the business develop and strengthen in the years ahead. Customer service in terms of delivery of products, and providing customer service over the telephone is essential for Dan's Print and Design to attract repeat and regular customers and to ensure the business has a positive reputation.

Website Privacy & Terms 

Dan's Print and Design has a website privacy and handling policy that can be downloaded or requested. The policy highlights aspects of the websites privacy and handling process for Dan's print and Design and what steps Dan's Print and Design and the founder is doing to ensure privacy is kept where possible and how the business will take steps towards protecting privacy whilst using Dan's Print and Design's UK website.

Large QTY Orders & Re-ordering

Dan's Print and Design welcomes large QTY orders Dan's Print and Design believe its important to cater for large qty orders for print products as some larger businesses, companies, organizations, and non-profits rely heavily on large orders for print.

Did you know Dan's Print and Design can in some cases provide up to 200,000 products at any given time and delivered direct to your office, home or business address.

Dan's Print and Design also welcomes re-ordering of print related products especially for customers and clients that have already placed an order once and then placed another order this is known as re-ordering of products if the products are the same as the previous order however re-ordering of the same products has its benefits in terms of relationship with Dan's Print and Design and also the benefits of knowing there will be no complications with an order. Dan's Print and Design encourages repeat customers and clients to the business. 

Dan's Print and Design Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- PAYPAL - Paid Advertisers Only

- Offline Payments

- Cash Payments - In some cases

Telephone Payments - Highly recommended

Check Payments paid to your local bank to be paid to Dan's Print and Design

however no check payments to be sent to Dan's Print and Design;s Business mailing and correspondence address.

Invoice Payments - Pay using invoice method

Email Payments - Pay via email

SMS Text message Payments - Payments processed via sms text message.

Website payments - Pay on this website Dan's Print and Design's UK website.